The AppStore speaks emoji too

After Twitter unveiled its first paid brand emoji for Coca-Cola it became only more obvious that emojis are a language that brands definitely need to tackle.

Then you have Facebook, releasing and testing Reactions, that are pretty much cute animated emojis. And most brands have adopted them, some more efficiently than others, to communicate and engage with their consumers, mostly on their social media channels.

So it seems that there aren’t any platforms left where the “emoji way in” hasn’t been found right?


There are countless branded apps these days and most of them could be easily identified by one single emoji.

So how many apps are actually searchable by emoji on the App Store?


inviita is the only app you can find via emoji on the App Store to date.

And if you look at the app itself it makes perfect sense.

This app allows you to find things to do/places to go according to how you feel.

You pick a mood, inviita tells you go.

This is more than a fancy search engine for “activities”. inviita understands how the things you do are an expression of how you feel — just like emoji.

So imagine, you’re feeling foodie. inviita will show you restaurants, bakeries or gastropubs around you. Feeling artistic? Museums, galleries and so on. You get the picture.

Plus you can create tours, share them with friends, get inspired by others and just make the process of decision making and planning a whole lot simpler (and fun).

So here’s a challenge. Go on the App Store now. Search for a smiley emoji, find inviita, dowload it, and give these guys a go.

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