If we think vocational training and actual professional practice can be replaced by occasional flame wars on twitter, a couple of bl.ocks and reading /r/dataisbeautiful, then we ourselves are the ones who don’t take data visualization seriously.
There be dragons: dataviz in the industry
Moritz Stefaner

Hi Moritz,

Thanks for the insights. I am a bioinformatician who has recently started trying to learn D3.js in order to force myself to spend more time thinking about how I can extract the most information out of my data and present it in a way that requires the least explanation (a lot of the time in this field data visualisation is not thought of and people just copy what was done in the last paper on that topic).

I was just wanting to check if what you mean by this highlight is that you should not be using things like bl.ocks to look for feedback or to provide training for others?

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