What were the Nazis thinking when they killed all those people?
Anna Lind-Guzik

I thoroughly enjoyed this article, and especially the quotes, and citations.

Your trying to lump in together with the modern day KKK, was quite a jump.

The Nazis of the 1930’s-40’s also realized they had the power to do what they wanted to those they thought of as less than human.

The modern day KKK, has no political power. The disgusting lynching postcards are from an era, when the KKK, had political power in much of the U.S.

The only difference between the Neo-nazis, and Antifa of today, is whom they are willing to use their tactics against, and who is making excuses for their disgusting behaviors.

We do need to stay vigilant against ANYONE, and any group that decides others have less rights than themselves.

The Nazis, started with the communists, then Jews, disabled, Roma, Catholics, and even Nazis/Socialists, who had issues with Hitler and the party elites.

Antifa is starting with the Nazis, KKK, and has moved towards anyone discussing free speech, anti-illegal immigrants, and Conservative ideals. If we allow them power, do you wonder who will be next? Do you think they will stop at just physical assaults?

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