If you’re new to the tech industry or, like me, not the kind of person who is generally attuned to the intricacies of personal finance, you may not have a great idea of how equity compensation works beyond “ooh equity, that sounds fancy.”

Other parts of your compensation are fairly straightforward: salary (how much is in your paycheck), benefits (e.g. health insurance, retirement account), and bonus (big check once a year). Equity compensation is a different beast altogether.

Equity compensation means that in addition to other things, the company is offering you some kind of stake in the company, usually…

One of the most common debates I see surrounding modern web tech revolves around server-side rendering. Some people will tell you it’s absolutely critical, others will say it’s nice-to-have, other still will tell you it’s downright harmful. So which is it? Well, all three. Like everything else in programming and life, it depends.

When you’re sitting down to decide on the architecture for your modern, performant, Progressive Web App, you will need to decide whether or not to use Server-Side Rendering (henceforth SSR). First, you should avoid SSR if you don’t need it. Most modern web apps require sophisticated interaction…

Are you a man? Have you ever heard or read a conversation about feminism, women’s rights, women in tech, etc. and felt uncomfortable? Had an opinion and wanted to contribute to the conversation but hesitated, afraid of how you might be perceived? Did you not say anything at all because of that fear? Did it leave you feeling pretty crappy about the whole experience?

Good. You’ve now experienced the tiniest taste of the doubt, social pressure, and second-guessing our culture puts upon women every day of their lives.

Women who want to exist in a professional context have to constantly…

I’ve had enough. I’m calling them “refs”

Every application I build, there’s a moment I dread. It’s that time when I’m creating a data model for something and I need that dreaded field. You know the one, the “short, human-readable URL-friendly string” that can be used as an identifier for the data.

OK, well id is already taken, that’s the unique auto-generated identifier. Some people call it a slug, but that seems wrong. I could use username or login, but what about when it’s not a user? Maybe param or segment, but those sound so technical. What about handle or nick? Eh.

Image by Ashlyn Anstee

I’ve put this question to…

Spoiler Alert: This post will ruin the closest thing to a ‘twist’ that Gravity has. It’s not a huge deal, but if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want any plot spoilers, best to move along.

  1. Sandra Bullock’s character is the most panicky, inept person ever sent into space. It’s never explained why a medical doctor with only six months of training is somehow adding equipment to the Hubble, probably because there’s no world in which this would happen. Science fiction movies have certainly had more panicky people in space (Bill Paxton in Aliens?) but Gravity isn’t a science…

I’m tired of violent video games. More specifically, I’m tired of combat being the core mechanic of the vast majority of AAA titles. We aren’t building arcade games in the 1980's anymore; we have the technology to create compelling narratives, believable characters, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what non-violent gameplay could be.

L.A. Noire was the first game that made me start thinking about combat as a lazy cheat. Gathering clues, interrogating suspects, it felt like a real detective simulation. And then, for some reason, I’d be dumped into a shootout in which I killed 10-20 people. What?!?

Photo via Edge-Online.com

Xbox One licensing policies aren’t crazy, they’re the future.

Microsoft is taking a pummeling in the public sphere for their new game licensing scheme with the Xbox One.

What do you mean I can’t just loan a disc to a friend? No rentals? This is madness! Persistent internet connection required? FFFFUUUUUUU!

I’ve seen the rage, and it’s not 100% unjustified. The always-on requirement won’t be a problem until it’s a huge problem. We just have to look back a few months to the launch of Sim City to see why people are more than a little skeptical. …

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