Winner of three rounds of Global Traders Competition: «The meeting with Membrana was a nice coincidence»

The seventh round of Global Traders Competition is in the middle of its fight. Participants and winners of previous rounds got profit and will get Membrana tokens at the end of Competition. We want to tell you about one of them in more details.

The leader of winners Radix surprised them with his trading skills! He won three of six rounds of Global Traders Competition! His current profit is 311 Tournament points ($83,94). How did he manage to achieve such amazing results?

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Vladimir (Radix) is 37, he’s from Russia, Krasnodar city. His main occupation is a manager in IT/digital sector as a sole proprietor. Vladimir told us that the secret of good trading is simple, even though he has been trading in cryptomarket for a very short period of time:

«I’ve been trading since 2008 as a hobby. I began my trading on Forex. My first experience had been very disappointing so I started to study this field thoroughly. It’s pretty easy to start trading and even make several profitable trades; however, to succeed long term, trader should have a set of special knowledge and skills. That’s why, I spent several years learning technical and fundamental analysis, economic theory, automated trading algorithms and psychology of trading at my leisure time. Also, I should receive my bachelor degree in economics soon. Less then a year ago, I started my study of cryptocurrency market and a blockchain technology. I think, development and mass adoption of decentralized systems could bring abundance of opportunities and advantages for humanity. Moreover, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already changing world economics. Of course, crypto market has a huge potential for traders; therefore, we should take a chance».

However, it can be said that his decision was fundamental:

«That was a funny coincidence. I saw a block with an ad proposing a job in Membrana team when i was reading an article on some web site. I clicked on it only because Membrana had the same name as the online science journal I used to read until it was abandoned. Also, the job title was related to my professional field and I just liked a green Membrana logo so I decided to look into:). Then I checked membrana.io and I was really impressed with a project idea and current progress in a product development. It could be useful for me as a trader. Thus, I decided to participate in a project in any possible way. I took my part in private testing to help finding bugs before and during the Competition; thetefore, I couldn’t skip my participation in Global Traders Competition. Anyone can participate, prove his own trading skills and earn some money. I think it’s an excellent event!»

- Share your secret of good trading, please.

I can distinguish three components that affected my result.

First, it is immersing during the process. I spend a lot of time analyzing the market, reading news twice a day and checking trading positions several times a day. Second, it’s all about experience and a proven strategy. Experience helps to make fewer errors, and following strategy helps to avoid unnecessary doubts.

Third, it’s luck. The round lasts only for a week. For a short period of time, anyone has a good chance to succeed. I recommend to try it while there is such an opportunity!

-What can you recommend to crypto noobs?

Study! First, learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis. Learn the most common trading strategies. Develop and test your own strategy. Make a trading plan and follow it. Use risk management. Have patience. Do not let emotions control you. Don’t worry when something goes wrong. Learn from mistakes. Use new technologies that can simplify and automate your work. Keep your mind open — the market is constantly changing, so you need to keep up with it.

-What do you think about future of crypto?

I’m a crypto believer. I expect that the world community will be able to make the most of blockchain technology and its further development. Blockchain can help solve a number of problems. Supply chains, voting and referendums, banking operations, securities transactions, various registries and other spheres of economics can be transformed. Obvious advantages — transparency, reliability and integrity of data, eliminating a third party, reducing costs and increasing transactions speed. Cryptocurrencies make the world more open, allowing people to participate in economic relations in easier and more effective way. Regulators are detailing the requirements for the turnover of the cryptocurrencies, so the world as a whole has already accepted the fact of the presence of cryptocurrency market. The time has come for the active adaptation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based solutions in the world market. I think, in upcoming years, we will be witnessing the continued growth of crypto sphere despite the downtrend of current year. As for cryptotrading, it is developing incredibly quickly, as you can see, for example, by studying the financial results of the Binance crypto exchange on which Membrana conducts its Competition. Classical exchanges and banks are also beginning to offer services in this area. There are new exchanges and platforms that seek to bring the best service, tools and conditions for the market participants. Membrana is one of them. It will connect private investors, professional traders and funds, so each one of them will get his benefits on crypto market.

- Thank you for your detailed response. What can you tell us about the concept of Membrana?

«I think Membrana product concept is very promising. It could interconnect traders, investors and funds using all blockchain advantages. Lack of security of fund, reliability and transparency problems could be solved by using blockchain-based contracts. Providing unified point of access to centralized and decentralizing exchanges, OTC and other useful features, Membrana should be a pretty strong player on cryptocurrency market. Sure enough, I’m going to use Membrana platform in future. I assume, it will help me to acquire more investors and gain good profit for them and myself».

- Are you glad to get Membrana tokens at the end of Global Traders Competition?

«I certainly do. I like whole this airdrop through Сompetition idea, that’s pretty cool! It’s not just registration and subscription for miserable coins amount. Membrana Global Traders Competition participants can get pretty valuable amount of coins based on their trading skills, a part of $100,000 cash prize and all their trading earnings. I think, it’s an amazing opportunity. Also, I believe, results of competition will be used for starting traders rating, so it’s one more reason for traders to participate».

How would you rate the perspectives of Membrana?

«Membrana has a strong core team, great idea, working MVP, feasible roadmap and growing community. Product is an actual problem solving, so there are many pros and few minor cons. Therefore, I’m quite sure, ICO will be held succesfully, all roadmap goals will be reached and we’ll get a great and useful product.

In conclusion, I would wish a good luck to the team and to all Competition participants!»

Thank you very much for your attention, Vladimir. Good luck in our Competition!

Global Traders Competition will continue for the next few months!

Everyone can join our Competition to get free $100, to win the prize pool of $100,000 and even get Membrana tokens at the end of Competition!

Earn with Membrana! Let’s go!

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