Most Downloaded Episodes of 2017: Marketing Without the Marketing

Marketing Without the Marketing podcast - the most downloaded episodes of 2017

Marketing Without the Marketing is a podcast about the soft-touch marketing techniques that I use every day in helping clients produce high-quality content to build their respective audiences. I’ve been publishing weekly episodes since 2015.

Most Downloaded Episodes of 2017

As I prepare for the new season, here’s a look back at what you liked — the most downloaded episodes in 2017. If you’re new to the podcast, this is a great place to start!

  1. Top Episodes (2017)
  2. The Service Disposition
  3. The Four Principles of Teaching Your Customers
  4. Repurposing Content: The Upstream Method
  5. Repurposing Content to Create an Online Course
  6. Producing Content to Educate Your Customers
  7. What Content Strategy Teaches You About Business
  8. The Social Media Strategy Series: Wrap-Up
  9. Content Syndication: Safe SEO Practices for Your Blog
  10. Business Isn’t “Just Business”

Each episode has a set of show notes with links to the articles and resources that I mention within. Here’s the list for your convenience:

Upcoming Episodes in 2018

The new season is just about to begin, and I’m going to be focusing on a couple BIG topics:

  1. SEO: How to make sure what you post actually has a chance of getting seen.
  2. Automation: Supercharging your email strategy with smart segmentation.

I want to do a much deeper dive on each of these topics for you. They are “next level” strategies that go beyond the basics to unlock real growth — if you get it right. The nuances really matter, and I think that I can save you a lot of time but cutting right through it to give you actual practitioner strategies.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcast player (my fave is Overcast). In the new season, I’ll be publishing a couple times a month — so if you want me to email you with a reminder, subscribe to my feed and select your preferred frequency.

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Most Downloaded Episodes (All-Time)

Just for fun, here are the episodes you’ve downloaded the most since the beginning of this show in 2015:

  1. Introduction to Content Strategy
  2. The Three Core Elements of Content Marketing
  3. Building the Foundation of Your Content Strategy
  4. Why Content Marketing is Your Only Choice
  5. Who Can Benefit from Content Strategy?
  6. Separating Strategy and Tactics in Content Marketing

Again, each episode has a set of show notes with links to the articles and resources that I mention within:

As always, I hope that you get something out of this. I do this to be helpful. My strong belief is that the world is a better place when small businesses succeed, so I want to see you succeed.

That’s why I offer a lot free help in this podcast and my blog, some inexpensive help in my online course on marketing for writers and other creatives, or exclusive access with one-on-one training for small business owners and for writers/authors in particular.

I also have a ton of free templates and tools for you to download, including a Twitter length-checker that I created (I still try to stick to 140 characters), and an editorial calendar template that I use for social media posts. Join my site as a member and you’ll get free access to all the practitioner content that I create.

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