broadcasters have only ever measured feedback in the form of revenue.
Big Brands & the Awakening of the Docile Consumer
Jeff Gomez

No Emotion in Yesterday’s Metrics

How many people saw our ad? How much revenue came in this quarter? Here’s the problem: Awareness is too easy to measure, and ROI is too simplistic. Yesterday’s metrics. Today’s consumer behavior has evolved. Much of the “business world” still relies on lagging indicators rather than measuring the things that matter: Trust, loyalty, advocacy.

Recommendations are a transaction. Do these transactions happen on their own? While you’re not in the room? Are they given willingly? Excitedly? This is worth measuring, not some snapshot of revenue like MTD or YTD.

When you’re in trouble, when you make a misstep — -is your audience there for you? Do they forgive you easily? Do they defend you? Earning this level of trust is far more valuable — and predictive — than any number on a balance sheet.

Traditional metrics aren’t going away — with good reason. But if that’s all you’re relying on, those who are tracking emotion as well will surely outpace you. Stories matter, and not the ones we force on people while they’re waiting for what they actually wanted to see. It’s the stories that get told while we’re not present.