Most Recent Learning Experience: Building Restful APIs with Node, Express and Mongo

On that faithful day, a friend called and said, you have been learning JavaScript for some months now, do you mind joining our team as we are trying to build as startup? I was like, waoh! That’s so nice of you. Yes I really would be honored to be a part of the team.

Then he popped another question, which are you comfortable with, server side or client side. For the Client we will be using React, React-Redux, Webpack etc and for the Server side we will be using Node, Express, MongoDB etc. So which are you comfortable with? I was like “my oga at the top”, you know your boy is still learning how to manipulate the DOM, consume APIs on the client and do the little JavaScript things like solving algorithmic challenges.

All these React and Node things I haven’t even done them before except you want me to help you put semicolons where necessary. He said, don’t worry, we are here to help and we are all learning. So I decide to work on the Server side, and that was whenthe journey began.

The Journey Began

I was granted access to the various repositories, the slack channel, Trello board, bitbucket account, google docs etc. I had to speedup my learning curve, digesting so many information, sourcing materials via the web and youTube tutorials.

I cloned the repo and started looking into the code base, I began to see a lot of unfamiliar things like require, module.exports, mongoose, express, Promise etc and some incomprehensible error messages when I tried to run the app. LOL

Then with the help of my teammates, online resources, youTube videos (especially from The Net Ninja, he is awesome) and my passion to be the best and never let myself and my teammates down, I began to keep vigil and learn new stuff everyday no matter how little, because I know that the greatest enemy of the rock is not the wind or the thunder but that constant drop of water that has refused to let go, day and night until it shatters the rock.

Hence this journey is just so amazing by each passing day as I keep developing , crafting clean codes and mastering my craft to be among the top 1% who are committed in changing the landscape of Africa, not just Africa but the World.

The journey is a constant one and self improvement is the driving force

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