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Hello everyone, how has it been working with the challenges of COVID-19? Today, I will be sharing how I got gritter to work with Rails 6. According to the github Readme;

Gritter is a small growl-like notification plugin that you can use to display your flash notifications.

I discovered gritter while going through a tutorial that was using it but I ran into a problem. The tutorial was using Rails 5 but I was using Rails 6. Due to the changes in Rails 6 using webpacker, the gem wasn’t working as described in the Readme. …

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Source: Magic and Mentalism of Amit Kalantri

The past few days has not been a piece of cake as I have been exposed to a life outside my ‘very comfort’ zone. I am sure people who knew me before now will be surprised at the change in my sleeping pattern as well as my movie watching habits. I could sit and watch movies for 6 hours or more just to pass time.

But, all that has changed all thanks to Andela’s boot-camp — the most rigorous training I have ever participated in. …

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Hmmm…… three interesting people.

I have met more than 3 people already, but I will talk about the ones I find most interesting.

Let’s start with Otse. I have spoken to him online but didn’t get the chance to talk to him in person. He is a very outspoken person and doesn’t hide his thoughts. He asks lots of questions and most of the time this pisses us off. He is ever ready to help with problems and always contribute to discussions when need be. Most people see him as an ‘over-sabi’ person, but that is part of what makes him interesting. …

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ESLint at work…….

I have known about ESLint for quite a while but never brought myself to using it. This was because integrating this tool into my codebase meant seeing lots of red lines under my code. The code must follow the specified style guide in use, the indentation must be consistent, the use of ‘const’ or ‘let’ has to be inline with how the variable will be utilized, the commas or semi-colon should be placed where appropriate etc.

But with the introduction of ESLint as part of the tools needed for the boot-camp, I had no other option but to make peace with my enemy. I integrated the tool into my code and was quite uncomfortable with its error-flagging at first. But as the amount of code I wrote grew and with the time constraint on finishing our task, I began to see the importance of this tool. It has helped reduce the amount of time spent in debugging since I am instantly notified of any error while still writing my code-base. I never miss any semi-colon or comma, make mistakes with a variable declaration and reuse or have any code that is not in use just lying around. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t just notify you of an error, it also gives you a proper description of the error and what it expects you to have written. …

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Just like any other world-class company, Andela has 4 values they strive to portray. These are:

  • E — Excellence
  • P — Passion
  • I — Integrity
  • C — Collaboration

I have always had this values among others as what I stand for personally and with my goal of becoming an Andelan, this values will be more than just a second nature to me. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to explain how each of them relates to me.

Excellence to me is a benchmark of being not just good but the best at whatever I choose to do. Average shouldn’t be found close to me. It means writing codes that are according to world standards, efficient with little to no performance issues. It means writing codes that are clear enough to be understood by even a new person in the world of software development. …

I got accepted to be part of Andela Bootcamp - Cycle 31 after my interview and our project is to build an app called Book-a-meal. It is basically an app where you as a user can place an order from the menu and the admin can set the menu for the day, view orders, add meals etc. It is a full-stack application and the timeline for completion is 4 weeks. Every week, some tasks are sent to us to be completed towards building the application and this tasks have been challenging to complete because we are basically being introduced to new concepts. For the first week, we were to build the user interface of the application using purely HTML, CSS and probably some Javascript. …

I will be learning about Node js through tree house. This is all thanks to a friend who wants me to be all I can. I will be blogging about every lesson I learn. I have started the course already but I have been too lazy to blog about it.

I hope to change that and be consistent in recording my learning process through blogging.



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