News Organizations & Social Media: Day 1 (Mar 1)

For one of my classes at Missouri Western State University, we are supposed to analyze organizations and how they use social media. Our main focus is Snapchat and Instagram and how news organizations promote their content. This can also show them how big of an audience they’re reaching because it allows them to see how many views they have.

For this analysis, I am supposed to follow five new accounts on my personal social media. Then, I will keep up with them for a solid four days (I know, it’s a long time), after that I will assess how I think they did. Each day I will post my thoughts on their accounts and I will give you all some highlights of the best posts I like. Here we go with day 1!


For my Snapchat, I followed the KC Royals and NBC News. I’ve never followed the Royals even though I love them because I’m always reading articles or watching them play. Since I follow them that way, I thought what better way to keep up to date every day than via Snapchat.

The Royals showed the field and let people know it was time for yet another game. I really liked the video they took, it was from the dugout and it was the players going on the field ready for the game.

Also, let me pause for a minute and say that I am like everybody else and despise this new snap update. The old snapchat was more popular and less work to keep up-to-date with things but oh well.

Back to my information, NBC News has their own type of “show” on their Snapchat called “Stay Tuned.” This is for the more recent information but also what is mostly talked about. Sadly, the shooting was one of these, it also tells us the Walmart is raising their gun buying age, that Vladimir Putin has new nuclear bombs, and more.

Snapchat for me isn’t necessarily looking at the news that will be on the TV later. I mainly use it for personal use but even then, I don’t use it that much because of how busy I am. With the new update though, the Discover page can keep people up with things without having to subscribe. Overall, they post some good stuff and helps to make it more simplistic for viewers.


For my Instagram, I followed ESPN, CNN, and NBC News to see how much they post on a daily basis. ESPN posted a “March Madness” video, which of course gets everybody (including myself) anxious about this month! They also put up an interview with James Harden and some percentages and information about how Kevin Durant has been helping out the Warriors.

As far as CNN goes, I really like their account because of the quality of photos they put. They focus more on PR type of photos and I think that’s really neat. They put one up of South Korea and the fireworks or the glaciers in Northern Michigan. This kept me interested because I really like the vivid colors and they are just really pretty to look at.

Lastly, NBC News they cover the Voice, TV Shows, and the Olympics. Their photos are kind of generic and plain but they still have a purpose behind them.

Overall, I noticed on Instagram that ESPN and CNN post quite a bit more than others do. This also made their Instagram more fresh and active. I think by their posts, they will have more credibility works and more people appreciating their account.

Snapchat Discover:

On my Snapchat Discover, I found Cosmopolitan, which I tend to favor because they do the silly quizzes you can take to see what type of food you are or your Horoscope. (Yes, I’m one of those people that look at my horoscope daily)

My second one was The Washington Post and their ‘Beast from the East.’ They focused on how London and Rome are freezing and that normally doesn’t happen there. The pictures were pretty cool too.