The case for diversity in startup teams.

Team San Francisco @ RecruitLoop
  • Ranges in age from 21 to over 50
  • Was born in 8 different countries: Australia, USA, Philippines, Russia, Bulgaria, Singapore, Canada, and Spain. Only 6 were born in the US, and only 3 in California.
  • Speaks 8 different languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, American Sign Language, Russian, and Tagalog.
  • Is split exactly 50/50 between women and men.

There is a business case for diversity in startup teams. Diversity matters; in terms of team culture, performance and future prospects.

Diverse teams are better. Here’s why.

You make better decisions.

Also known as: avoiding group think. Yep, diverse teams make better decisions.

It makes future hiring easier.

Imagine you’re a team of 10 white guys. You’re looking to hire a VP of Product, and the unanimous standout candidate is a woman. She’s deciding between your offer, and a competing one from another startup the same size, but with 4 other women. Who’s she going to pick?

Global perspectives to build a global company.

If we were solving a first-world problem, specifically for people within a 50 mile radius of San Francisco (laundry, anyone?), you probably don’t need a global perspective.

First 3 hires in our US sales team: Chad, Miki, Calvin.

It’s not boring.

One of my cofounders grew up in Soviet-era Moscow. He’s a developer who trained as a graphic designer and mathematician. A vegetarian who meditates daily and doesn’t touch coffee or alcohol. He’s a fascinating human, who approaches problems (and the world) from a completely different angle than most of us.

Cofounder and CEO @RecruitLoop, the marketplace for talent teams on demand. Also

Cofounder and CEO @RecruitLoop, the marketplace for talent teams on demand. Also