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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

…I started my personal site, looking for more professional style, only listing two things: posts and a little resume, plus some links to my code and nothing more.

During these weeks of COVID-19 lockdown I ended up to write some more content on arguments i currently working on and I’ve finally decided to invest some of my time revamping the blog.

The first version, created four years ago, was built on markdown templates using the fantastic Hugo static site generator, deployed on GitHub pages.

If you don’t…

Multi host deploy of docker swarm nodes

Difficulty: Basic Requirements: Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, Virtualbox

Hodwy, my dear reader, this time I want to show you a very simple method to deploy a whole docker swarm during your coffee break. Using that powerfull hammer of Ansiblewe will proceed, step-by-step, with a fully automated installation and deploy of docker in swarm mode on a quantity of servers (you choose how many)

What you are thinking right now, I guess, is: “yet another ansible role to perform the same old things?


The idea comes from two strict requirements:

  • quickly deploy on-demand new swarm nodes, to horizontally scaling the cluster

Manuel Bovo

Everything is a distributed system from a specific point of view. More at

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