The Hopscotch story (part I)

The first business idea Paul and I had was about moving money around in Barbados. That didn’t work out. The second is about moving food around in Barbados. That’s Hopscotch.

Hopscotch is an online food delivery service. By putting restaurant menus in a single place and delivering orders on demand, we hope to make it easier for hungry people to get full, and for restaurants to reach people they ordinarily wouldn’t.

I think there’s a reasonable business there, even in a small place like Barbados. And I think there’s room to grow into other places. And on-demand is a hard problem, if you want to do it well. So I’d say there are fun times ahead.

For us, food is just the starting point. What we want really want to build is a logistics platform, so businesses of all stripes don’t have to roll their own, or rely on backward processes to move their merchandise — whatever it may be. That’s the dream, anyway. We have a ways to go until then.

We haven’t been running for very long, but there’s already a lot to tell. Far too much for a single post, in fact. So I’ll take it bit by bit.

Next time, I’ll talk about how we came to pick the name.