Trump-like narcissism and activities as a Russian Intel operative indicate Assange is free-riding off the transparency movement

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Assange Disintegrating | Source: The Onion

I used to have enormous respect for Julian Assange and Wikileaks because I do not like being lied to by my own government, and Assange was leaking the truth in the face of US government lies. I followed the Snowden leaks very carefully, and was outraged at our government’s mass-surveillance of US citizens that Snowden revealed through Wikileaks. I was particularly disturbed by the Chelsea Manning leaks, which showed a systematic killing of Iraqi civilians, seemingly for entertainment purposes of some American troops. I know war is not pretty, but damn! …

Beto’s unique populism is the antidote to divisive politics

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Beto Plays Guitar with Willie Nelson — Watercolor | Metteyya Brahmana

One of the weapons Barack Obama used successfully against white-identity politics was economic populism — the idea that we are all in the same economic boat regardless of racial differences. Obama’s economic populism allowed him to carry fairly white states like Iowa, Indiana, and North Carolina, which are 91, 88, and 72 percent white, respectively. Trump won all three of these states, plus PA, WI, and MI, in part, by appealing to the desire to return (go back again) to when America was ‘great’ and had white pride in its culture…

Obama-like Appeal Makes O’Rourke the Best Presidential Candidate

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Beto Drawing Very Large Crowds in the Red State of Texas | Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP

I have been searching for a candidate that can not only beat Trump, but move the country in a progressive direction for the next eight years. Obviously, it is not enough to simply espouse progressive views or even vote for progressive causes, it requires special leadership talent to energize and turn out young voters and those who have felt left out of the political process, and significant numbers of independents and Republican voters to support a progressive vision of America. …

Metteyya Brahmana

Metteyya Brahmana writes about politics, economics, culture, social entrepreneurship, and spiritual and positive psychology.

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