I love this! There is so much information and detail and I learned a lot from reading it.

You have an awesome middle and a pretty decent introduction. Can you make an awesome ending that ties everything together or leaves the reader sharing your dream for the future of space exploration?

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My introduction to Crossover started with a LinkedIn job search in 2014. I was living in the NYC suburbs and actively looking for a new and exciting role that wouldn’t require a long commute into Manhattan. I was about 15-years into my career in software architecture and had both read and written a fair number of job posts. The one that caught my eye was from a company I’d never heard of for a job title I had never heard of. The thing that made me click in? The job ad had the compensation right in the title.

How can you advertise compensation in the title if you don’t know anything about the person you are hiring? Don’t you have to adjust people’s earnings based on the cost of living where the person lives? Isn’t it important to discover a person’s compensation history so you can rationalize the minimum spend required to hire them? …


Marc Breslow

Defining the future of work — fully remote jobs optimized for the cloud @ crossover.com

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