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10 Ways to Create Better Things

How many times have you seen a killer piece of art, a fresh design or a video that breaks all the rules (and still works) and found yourself jealous for not creating it yourself? If there’s one universal among creatives it’s this: We all have an insatiable desire to create better things. We want to push ourselves beyond our current boundaries in skill and…

One Secret to Better Creative Work

Here’s one secret to creating better things.

Are you ready for it?

You might not like it.

But here goes.

Be harder on yourself. Like, a lot harder.

That’s right. Be your own best (worst) critic. I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve got enough pressure without my

3 Things Never to Say at a Funeral

When it comes to grief and loss, Dr. Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work says, “Rarely does a…

Facebook Killed the Internet Star

I have a very tenuous relationship with Facebook. I like connecting with my friends and sharing great stories as much as the next guy, but I’ve also been…

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Why Success Is More Dangerous Than Failure

Success is a dangerous business. The emotional complexity that comes with achieving—or exceeding—our goals and objectives to the praise of others is hard to wrap our minds around.

When we experience an extremely high level of success our automatic reaction is often: 1) How can I sustain this? Because I really need to sustain…

10 Tips for Curating Viral Content 

Confession: I used to look down on anyone who thought they could create “viral” content for the web—like they knew the magic secret for making…

Empty Threats About IKEA

Every time I go to IKEA I vow never to return. It’s an empty threat though—kind of like the celebrities who promise to move to Canada if a Republican wins the…

3 Reasons Why We Quit Our Jobs

Stop and think about all the jobs you’ve had in the past. Why did you quit? If you could reduce it to one or two main reasons, what were they? Write those reasons down before you read the rest of this post. Seriously. Like with pen and paper.


Whether we love or hate our jobs depends so much on the culture, environment…

To You and Back Again

[This is the first part of a short story I’m writing. Feedback is welcome.]

Salt. That was the first thing he tasted.Then the tannic flavor of iron…

Expedia, Pit Bulls and Super 8

The problem with Expedia is, well, it doesn’t know me. If it did, it surely would not have let me book my recent stay at the Super 8.

Online travel sites are great, really. They make it so easy to find and book arrangements fast and even sometimes cheap. However, there are setbacks—things we lose by leveraging an algorithm over a human…

Why Alternative Medicine Is Alternative

“On the emotional side of the chart, the electric energy shows that you have a lot of fear,” the doctor said. It was the first time I’ve ever been diagnosed with a negative emotion. I’m used to hearing “high cholesterol” and “it’s just a virus,” but never fear.

Recently I’ve had a few physical health issues, nothing major, but they…