I don’t want to write. Brain Dump / Rant.
Nathan Anderson

Nathan since you told me to consider these as straight responses to me I re-read and have a better response to some of your comments. I never said that you could not love your job. I loved my 16 years in banking and I love managing a dealership but not every minute of everyday and not every aspect of the position. Many people do not love their jobs but they have to work to provide for their family and themselves. For those people, loving their job is not an option. In addition, not everyone may love every part of their job or some people they work with everyday. Since you live at home and have few expenses, you can find a job that you love and for the most part do not have to deal with many people. My point was that many people do not enjoy their jobs but they do them anyway to support their family or their basic needs. I remember I had a conversation with mom one time on a day that I had a bad day and did not at that time enjoy my job. Her response was amazing. She said I never knew you were suppose to love your job or enjoy it everyday I wish someone would have told me that. Good point mom. She was a nurses aid in a nursing home. Truly one of the least enjoyable and hardest jobs a person can do. She worked to provide for her three kids and for our needs and loving her job did not enter the equation. If you can love the work you do and make enough money to support your lifestyle, I support you fully. I have always been one of your biggest fans. My point was that if you think that you can find a job that you enjoy all the time and always enjoy the people you work with, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Talk to your mom and dad who have had more jobs and life experiences and see if they agree.

You said that your 16.5 hours of work was more you did stumbling around for 70 hours this week. Not sure what your definition of stumbling around is or your knowledge of managing people or a dealership but if you call making cable commercials for Toyot-thon, making radio commercials for Toyo-thon, dealing with customer complaints, making sure sales and service departments are maximizing each opportunity, spending time with my nephew to get his insight on how to be more effective on Facebook, interviewing a sales associate from another dealership for a potential job, interviewing via conference call three different direct mail companies with my sales management team and personally selling 3 vehicles is stumbling then we will have to agree to disagree. I spent the first years in the car business working 6 days a week 70 plus hours a week and it hurt my family and my relationship with Jeffrey. It was a mistake and I regret it but at the time it was required for the company to survive. I would not do it again.

You state “I’m good, I know what I am doing. It’s why people pay me money to do my work” you actually wrote pay me do to my work but I corrected this for you. I am not sure how long you have been a Media Trainer (maybe a few months) of how many people are paying you to media train(maybe a few clients) but saying you are good with just a few months of experience doing this comes across a little arrogant. You also state you do more in 2 hours than many people do in 10 so stop thinking of work as a pure matter of hours spent. I never have said that. I have a sales person that I tell, since they consistently average over 20 units a month, they can come and go as they please as long as they keep up the over 20 average. I agree with you on this and my favorite sales trainer agrees with you but you have to produce results.

You state “I know some people think they can play God and set everyone up” I have never heard the term playing God referenced with setting poeple up or introducing them to people. The term is normally used with life/death issues. I googled the term and it said deciding who lives or dies. I am sorry I thought you were lonely and possibly might appreciate meeting someone. I have many friends that do not want to hangout with most other people like you stated. I will not do this again and I appreciate you letting me know. I am glad you spend time with your amazing family. I agree you do have an amazing family. I am glad you are not lonely.

I strongly disagree with your comment that college steals time and money. I think this can be true and we both know examples of this but for many people college leads to greater knowledge in an area and leads to a great and rewarding career. I understand what you are doing works for you but not everyone has the discipline to self learn like you do. It is very admirable and it is working for you.

You state “I’m not crazy, I’m just so busy doing fun and creative things I forgot to be boring like you are”. This is the first time anyone has called me boring. I have been called many things over the years but never boring. Again, if you think in your 20 year old wisdom and knowledge that providing for your family, managing a business, volunteering in the community and servicng on many great boards to make our community better all while trying to be a good husband and father is boring then we will agree to disagree. The automobile business is a lot of things but never boring.

I am not mad but just wanted to directly address some of your comments. Thanks for all of your input on facebook and the new sections you designed on the website. Let me know if you think what I paid you is enough. I will never introduce you to anyone ever again. Keep me posted.

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