Dear @Medium,

I must confess I’ve become a bit of an addict of your service lately. There’s not much to dislike — the design is thoughtful, the technology is cutting-edge, your recommendation algorithm is phenomenal, and the content your members are publishing is captivating.

I now consume more content on Medium than all other social networks, combined.

Since you have given me so much I feel it’s necessary to give you something in return — feedback!

I’m a resident of Nassau County in NY and spend nearly three hours everyday commuting into NYC. I use this free time to catch up on news, read my bookmarked stories, and review my daily tasks.

Being an avid Medium user I can have 40–70 stories bookmarked at any given time. Some of these stories inspire me to produce better work or impart knowledge I require to complete specific tasks.

It would be incredibly useful to have access to these stories while I’m offline — which is unfortunately more often the case.

It seems like you have a partial implementation of this technology available in the form of recently cached stories. It would be a great expansion of this feature if there existed a setting that could enable the caching of all bookmarked stories for offline use.

Being a technologist I know features that seem trivial are often not. I’m certainly not expecting your team to run to their computers and add this feature anytime soon, but it would be incredible if it was considered for future implementation.

I know the thought and hard work that goes into building software like yours and thank you for supplying us with such amazing tools. It is an inspiration to me and makes me strive to be better at what I do.

Frustratingly without signal,