The Inconvenient Truths About Getting Work Done
Thomas Oppong

I just want to reach out and say thanks. Thanks for writing these articles which have served as periodic pep talks for me as I navigate one of the busiest times in my life. I am at the critical point in my career where I am no longer just working to pay bills, getting my priorities from my manager, and figuring out what I want to to with my life. No, now I have clear goals within my current job, for my career, and lifestyle.

I’m making the leap from dreaming to living. And it is hard.

I have read lots of articles and books about productivity, have downloaded this app and that one, and installed software and add ins to help stay on top of the flood of information I am receiving each day.

You’re right, nothing works for everyone. I’ve finally arrived as a system that helps me prioritize, plan, and keep track of what needs to get done — including making self care a top priority, every day. But all the tools in the world won’t work if you don’t hold yourself accountable to them. This year has taught me that my dreams don’t happen without commitment, willpower and self-discipline. The tools and systems are just complementary.

(P.S. Asana, you rock! Zapier, you do too!!)

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