Numbers to know before applying for Med School

As junior and senior year of college approach, it is important to stay ahead and decide on your next step. For many that is diving into a career and for others it involves grad school. Medical schools are many peoples answer to “what’s next?” Before applying to medical school there are a few numbers you want to keep in mind.

According to Kaplan, in 2013 over 48,000 students applied to medical schools across the United States. Of those 48,000 applicants 53 percent were male and 47 percent were female. The applicant pool was divided almost equally for both genders. In the end it was reported over 20,000 of these students were accepted, the first year for this record breaking number.

In the next two years Kaplan has reported over seven new medical schools. With the increase in medical schools, requirements will begin to get tougher. As of 2013 the average medical school applicant received a 3.54 GPA in their undergrad career. The average score on the MCAT for applicants was at 29, while the average matriculate score was 31.

Kaplan suggest enrolling in classes that prepare students for the MCAT especially during your junior and senior year of undergrad.

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