Something Needs to Change

Refined sugar is killing me softly…

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I don’t expect anyone to read this but I’m publishing it anyways because:

  1. It will probably motivate me to keep going
  2. I wanted to try out Medium for years already

In June I got a little flu — in fact, pretty much everyone in Singapore got that flu, but I was a bit more unlucky and it turned into a serious bronchitis that lasted somewhere between eight or ten weeks.

Until just a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be able to laugh about something because that would trigger a cough that stung in my thoat pretty badly. Even to this very day, I still feel like my lungs are completely clogged up with slime and as a result I constantly have to clear my throat throughout the day.

So I feel like I have been permanently sick for almost four and a half months now. I feel like I have a become a shadow of myself. I haven’t done any sports during this whole period. I haven’t visit any tech meetups. I haven’t mentored anyone, not even our new developers at work. I have been eating way too much junk food and I have been playing way too much PS4 because “hey, I’m sick, after all, what else can I do?”.

Today, I saw this tweet and it opened my eyes, once again. I have been gobbling up refined sugar like crazy — one cappucino in the morning,a coke light for lunch, maybe a flat white to survive the afternoon crash. Muffins? Any time! Noodles? How do you even live without noodldes?! MOS burger for dinner? Sure! And you know what that means: a litre of sweet lemon tea and tons of sweet sweet tomato ketchup. I even started eating cereals with milk for breakfast, something I have never done in the six years that I have spent in Singapore, so far.

All in all, I have been eating shit in the last four months and as a result I feel as unhealthy, weak, depressed, unmotivated and lethargic as never before. I can’t even get out of the bed before 8am. I used to wake up naturally at 5:30am.

So, inspired by said tweet, I will try to eliminate all refined sugar from my died as of right now and I will keep a little journal here on medium, because as I said:

  1. It will probably motivate me to keep going
  2. I wanted to try out Medium for years already

I don’t expect anyone to read this.

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