Starting and stopping a testnet

We’ve made it really easy to spawn a Byzantium testnet using the tool.

Just one zero-configuration command will launch an internal with reasonable settings for the genesis block and other parameters.

The testnet is a one-node proof-of-authority chain with a one second block time, so you never have to waste any CPU cycles on proof-of-work, and you get a snappy experience when deploying contracts and testing frontends.

Basic operation

Starting couldn’t be simpler — just run . It doesn’t matter from which directory you run it. …

Why we distribute our developer tools with Nix; why it’s not just another package manager; and why you should try it if you haven’t already.

Part of the Nix definition of our dapp tools

Here’s how Eelco Dolstra motivates Nix in his 2006 Ph.D. thesis, The Purely Functional Deployment Model:

The development of principles and tools to support the deployment process has largely been relegated to industry, system administrators, and Unix hackers. This has resulted in a large number of often ad hoc tools that typically automate manual practices but do not address fundamental issues in a systematic and disciplined way.

Nowadays the popular tools for reliable distribution and deployment are things like npm, apt, Docker, and Ansible. But these don’t really solve the problem of defining how to build and combine software artifacts.

Mikael Brockman

Lives in Rīga, makes tools for decentralized collaboration, transcends political affiliations

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