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Howdy, stranger.

If this is your first time around these parts, you may have just read a little number I wrote about the gym, the absurd, and the myth of Sisyphus. Hi!

It’s possible you know me from my thrice or quice (?) weekly offerings in and around the Boston Globe, where I write The Weekender newsletter every Friday, Tech Nomad on Saturdays, and the @large and It’s A Thing columns every Sunday. Hello to you too!

I’ve also popped up in Thrillist, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Nylon, the Boston Globe Magazine, Entrepreneur, Yankee, and other places. And if you like throbby gay dance music, I do a fair amount of that too as New Dad. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Now that we’re caught up, I’ll point out that I’m new to the mean streets of Medium. Notice the nothing here.

However, that will be changing as I pull together a new blogging project here titled To Failure. For anyone who dug my piece on the gym, To Failure will be exploring all sorts of inversions of conventional gym thinking, offering semi-practical tips, mind-flips, and attitude adjustments, and maybe a recipe now and then.

Whether you’re an expert, a novice, a meathead, a beanpole, or someone whose multitudes contain all those and more, I hope you’ll follow along. Don’t forget to stretch. (And nice to meet you.)


Normally not this veiny.