How I Unlearn
Beth Comstock

Great piece Beth. I like your examples and agree with your narrative. Think an important aspect is how to “empty the cup” just enough to allow oneself absorbing new meanings as they emerge through for example the key areas you have outlined. In my mind it’s the expertise dilemma; being an expert makes you miss useful perspectives precisely because your cup is full. My philosophy is to discard unnecessary information, over the years I got really (I mean really) good at forgetting. Forgetting in a meaningful way is to simplify any detail into high level “lighthouse” concepts for the things worth retaining and simply forgetting anything no longer needed (useless facts, when – as you say – curiosity had taken the better of me). Then there is another way of looking at it: how to make your “cup” bigger to make room for new meanings? In my case meditation does help, I’ve also taken interest in techniques such as “mind palace” but haven’t fully explored (yet). What do you think?