Proelio: Reinventing the Masternode

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Today’s post is about the exciting new Masternode project entitled Proelio (Ticker name: PEO). This project is seeking to reinvent the way that masternode networks are built, as well as build an exciting real estate purchasing platform!

Unique Features:

The world Proelio literally means “involvement” in Latin. This project, currently in the ICO phase, is an outlier from all of the other Masternode ICO’s, and offers many unique opportunities. When purchasing a Masternode from the presale, the buyer will receive: 5000 PEO coins to use as MN collateral, a Lenovo Computer (for European buyers only), and a VPS to run your Node on for one year. This also includes tech support, and the computer will come with any other POS wallet installed that the buyer requests, such as LPC or LGS.

Many Masternode projects are scams, offering a high ROI which will dump the price once the coin hits the market. This ROI is also not stable, and decreases dramatically when more masternodes come onto the market. Proelio is seeking to change this destructive pattern, through limiting the number of Masternodes that can be added to the network to 10 per month. The goal of this is to maintain the high ROI period for as long as possible, while keeping the collateral with dedicated and experienced holders who will not dump the value of the project. Once the network reaches 100 Masternodes, Proelio plans to list on the CryptoBridge exchange. According to the network schedule, this will happen in early 2019. Listed below is the roadmap:

Coin Economics:

Proelio block rewards take a 90/10 MN/POS split, with a constant reward of 10 PEO per block. With a block time of 60 seconds, the max supply of 100M PEO will not be reached until the year 2036. At this point in time, according to the roadmap, users will be able to purchase high value real estate using the PEO platform.

*Always do your own research before making any investment*


PEO is a promising project, and offers very unique coin economics and features. To find out more information:



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