Watchdog: The Platform Set To Disrupt The Crypto Industry

Jul 16, 2019 · 6 min read

Note: This article was written after conducting a thorough interview with the Watchdog CEO. Please do your own research before making any investment.

If you’ve been invested in cryptocurrency for any amount of time, no doubt you have heard of platforms like CoinMarketCap and Blockfolio. For those of you who are more involved in the communities surrounding crypto, Telegram and Discord are often in the mix of applications used on a daily basis. Specifically in the masternode market there is a platform called Masternodes.Online (MNO), which functions like a poor man’s CoinMarketCap — but with a market limited to masternode projects only.

Unfortunately, many of the platforms specific to the crypto industry are poorly designed, and lack in user engagement. Platforms are typically developer-owned, and in the case of MNO — resemble little more than a glorified Excel sheet (not to mention MNO’s poor UI and continual listing of scam projects).

Watchdog was founded on the idea that users should not have to use numerous sites and platforms to get their information. Rather, the Watchdog platform was designed to be a “one stop shop” for all crypto needs, and can be described as a “CMC meets MNO meets Blockfolio meets Telegram” type of platform. The difference between Watchdog and these other platforms extends beyond consolidation of utility. The Watchdog platform stands out from the rest because of its emphasis on community and user engagement with the utility.

What is the Watchdog Platform?

The Watchdog Platform is the center of the crypto ecosystem, and is comprised of several utilities. These utilities include: a coin directory, ICO and IEO directory, crypto news, portfolio management, email and SMS notification bots. But the crown jewel of the Watchdog platform is embedded in its homepage: chat functionalities. There are two chat boxes — one for users and one for developers to make announcements, giving users the ability to subscribe for alerts from their favorite projects.

An Inside Look At Features

Coin Directory: Platforms like CMC and MNO are examples of Coin Directories, and serve as a database of relevant projects for investors to find information. However, both of the above mentioned directories have hundreds or thousands of projects listed that are inactive, or have been outed scams for various reasons. Watchdog has added layers of verification and vetting for projects to list, ensuring that all on its site are legitimate and qualified.

ICO & IEO Directory: These platforms are similar in structure to a Coin Directory, with the caveat that listed projects are still in their infancy stages. The terms “ICO” and “IEO” are abbreviations for “Initial Coin Offering” and “Initial Exchange Offering” respectively. These are two common methods for coins to be distributed prior to the sale of coins on an exchange.

2017–2018 was known as the year of the ICO — largely because of the sheer volume of ICOs that appeared on the market every day. Many of these ICOs were built on the Ethereum blockchain, and materialized to be little more than a money grab. Most investors are wary of investing in ICOs because of this.

In response to the numerous scams and frauds in the ICO/IEO space, Watchdog has added additional layers of verification to all projects listed in their ICO/IEO directory. While the risk of investing in these projects is undoubtedly higher, with greater risk often comes greater potential reward.

Exchange Directory: No doubt one of the fundamental building blocks of the crypto industry are the exchanges. Without exchanges, users and investors would have no way to reliably trade their coins. However, security issues and scams have ravaged this part of the industry as well — always at the expense of the user. Watchdog will keep a thorough listing of exchanges, and make sure that users know which exchanges are safe to use.

Crypto News: This utility is rather self-explanatory, but it is an important aspect of the Watchdog vision to be the central hub for all things Crypto. The news section of the Watchdog platform will feature articles pertaining to listed projects, the industry, and other relevant topics with attributions from popular news sites as well as in house writers.

Portfolio Management: The average crypto investor owns coins from a dozen or more cryptos, and monitoring the value of their holdings can be a hassle. The Watchdog portfolio simplifies this through offering an easy-to-use portfolio tracker. Paired with this feature is also a Masternode monitoring system, which will automatically add rewards to your portfolio, saving the user time and effort.

Bot Alerts: The Watchdog platform supports a custom-built bot alert system, named Mega-Byte. Users who sign up for Mega-Byte alerts will receive portfolio alerts, as well as project updates and important industry breaking news via email or SMS. This ensures that the user is always connected and aware of their standing in the fast-moving industry.

Community Chats: The crown jewel of the Watchdog ecosystem is its communal aspect, which is the glue for the entire platform. Watchdog was created to serve the crypto community, and keeping the community engaged and informed is its number one goal.

Click here to check out this sneak-peek of the platform!

Watchdog Masternode Project (WMP)

The Masternode Market is one that has been ravaged by failed projects, scams, and fraud. Watchdog has carefully thought out and crafted a Masternode project that users can feel safe investing in, with special measures put in place to improve the chances of success. Common pitfalls of Masternode projects (such as poor marketing, community management/engagement, and overly-inflated ROI) have been specifically avoided.

These special measures are underscored by Watchdog’s participation in the Vault Intestments CRYO program, which provides the backbone for value retention. In the past, most Masternode projects dump when exchange listings take effect. This phenomena is caused by presale buyers dumping their Masternodes. However, the CRYO program locks the collateral of presale nodes for 30 days, giving ample time for the project to take root and develop its market. Only rewards can be withdrawn or reinvested. The Watchdog team has been thoroughly vetted and identified, and ranks in the “gold” tier of the CRYO program. This provides full safety and transparency for investors, who can buy Watchdog coins with peace of mind knowing that no exit scam will occur.

Coin Utility

Watchdog coins can be used on the platform in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

· Paying for Premium platform membership with enhanced features

· Bot Services (see above)

· Promotional Lottery Ticket Purchase

· Modern Advertising Packages

· More to come!

Unlike most masternode projects on the market who fail to ever release any utility, the Watchdog Platform has been in development for months and is near completion. Best estimations indicate that by the end of July or early August the platform will be released. Alpha testing is currently underway.


The Watchdog Platform is a fantastic platform that brings the best parts of crypto under one roof. By building several utilities on the cornerstone of an engaged and supportive community, paired with a powerful blockchain designed by experienced industry professionals, Watchdog is uniquely positioned to be one of the top coins to watch for the remainder of 2019.

To Find Out More:


Exchanges: Watchdog is currently in presale.



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