In this short article, I will share with you how to image upload at the Cloudinary file store.

Let’s get doing…

First, you have activated your project virtualenv then install a package. Below look like this.

pip install cloudinary

After that, the installed package adds your project which you have installed apps.



In this article, I will share how to write short and smartly way in python code. Sometimes We think/mistake small things in a very complex way but it is possible to do small things in a small way. Let’s get started now:

Tips number: 1

# Incorrect
def add_plush(num):
return num + 1
# Correct
add_number = lambda x: x + 1

Tips number: 2

a, b = 10, 20
min = a if a < b else b

Tips number: 3

lst = ['word','word','multiple words','word']
display = [word for words in lst for word in words.split()]



Mbr Sagor

Hey There, I’m Bozlur Rosid Sagor from Gaibandha, Dhaka- Bangladesh. I’ve deep experience in Python, Django, REST API, ReactJs, and, Database.