Ten years apart, Hitchcock and Kubrick take us on remarkably similar audio-visual journeys. Should we make anything of it?

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photo by Chad J. McNeeley (Petty Officer 1st Class, US Navy)


I can’t help but think of the last inauguration I watched before today. Obama, January 2009. Where I was, who I was.

I was still in college — Tulane University, which is in New Orleans. Final semester of senior year had just started, I suppose. Must’ve, though my memories of the day don’t necessarily have that baked in.

Senior year was overall a pretty weird one, personally, but Obama’s election had been a breath of sanity. That November, like so many Americans, I had seen and tasted Hope. Hope was definitely in the air. …

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Dear reader,

First, a quick disclaimer…

This post is intended to provide some miscellaneous recommendations when visiting London. It’s not meant to be comprehensive or rigorous. It doesn’t cover all aspects of a visit, nor every neighborhood of the city. It only reflects top recommendations from my visits — which is why I am only recommending places I went myself. Anyway, hopefully this post will save you some effort and bring joy to your trip.

Let’s get started!


General pointers…

  • London Is Expensive

Regardless of how the British Pound is doing against your currency, it’s…

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