Krysta Palmer, A Nevada Star

Flips, gainers, and head-first dives have been senior diver Krysta Palmer’s cup of tea for four years now. Her smiling face and sparkly Nevada Diving shirt said it all. Heading into her final season at Nevada, Palmer looks to improve upon her already impressive career as a diver at the University of Nevada, Reno. Palmer, the reigning Mountain West Conference Diver of the Year, has already qualified for the Olympic Trials in Indianapolis.

Much of the diver’s success has been through the help of Coach Jian Li You. You has been Palmer’s all four years of college and will help her train for the Olympics up until 2020.

“She has two daughters and she treats me like one of her own,” Palmer said. “Not only is she a great coach, but she’s also a great person and she’s helped me become a better person. Every day she comes to practice with a smile on her face and she’s on her game. There’s never an off day for her. I love her.”

Palmer has the ten meter platform and the three meter springboard records at the University of Nevada, Reno.

“I have accomplished a lot here but there is still more to be done for me. There is still the one meter springboard record that I am looking to break.”

The senior diver is studying kinesiology and will graduate in the spring.

“I want to be an athletic trainer eventually when I’m done with all my diving.” Palmer said. “After graduation, I’m going to be an assistant coach. If I had any advice for the incoming freshmen, I would tell them don’t ever come in with a bad attitude. There’s going to be days when you’re not feeling the best, but push through and give it your all. Your college career isn’t going to last forever.”

This offseason Palmer chose to, ironically, not take an offseason. She continued to dive in the summer and continue with her workouts.

“I want nothing more than to make it to the Olympics,” Palmer said. “I’m going to train and train and train until I make it. If that means changing up my diet and working when others don’t then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Along with dreams of the Olympics, Palmer also hopes to keep her title as Mountain West Diver of the Year and to final at the Winter National.

“I don’t feel any pressure this year,” Palmer said. “I know things happen and sometimes it won’t always work out the way I want it to so all I can do is my best.”

Palmer will be on TV for her first time when she participates in the Olympics Trials in Indianapolis in the spring, where her dedication and hard work will be put to the test.