GPTCash crypto project

GPTCash is a recent addition to the Get Paid To sector, there aim is to establish themselves as a currency of exchange allowing people to work online completing either simple or sophisticated tasks and to be duly rewarded for their time spent.

GPTC operates on their own block chain and their wallet runs a Proof of Stake consensus method for validating the network. This means that by simply holding on to your GPTC and staking it in your wallet you will be rewarded daily with additional coins.
 There was no ICO for GPTC instead during a tough time with the crypto winter of 2018 they chose to distribute the pre-mined coins with an extensive Airdrop program consisting of some 30 weeks. Each week participants need to register on the forum and will receive an allocated stake of coins at the beginning of the following week. There are some micro-tasks on offer that help to promote the project and those completing the tasks will also Get Paid with additional stakes. The Airdrop program has just moved into week 13 of 30 so a little under 50% which means there is still plenty of time to participate with the project. You can sign up here
 The forum supporting the project is also starting to grow, and will hopefully soon become an alternative platform to Bitcointalk, which some think has alienated a lot of its newer members with strict policies over gaining experience levels. There will also be some paid advertising opportunities for other projects by using banners on the forum to promote their own coin or ICO launch etc.
 You can find links to the project at the bottom of this piece with the project website, the discussion and activity forum and also an invite to their Discord server. We have all endured a tough 2018 and a slow start to 2019 in crypto so it is refreshing to see that some projects are still trying to make their mark by different methods.

Website link
 Discussion Forum
 Discord invite