4 Reasons Why Images Improve Your Conversion Rates

Mehmet Flatart
5 min readAug 4, 2019

We live in a visual world, infographics and gifs have taken over and everyone we know seems to be taking a duck-faced selfie. For Example, an average of 60 million photos is posted on Instagram daily. If we look at the statistics, we can easily see that the number of social media users increases every year. According to Statista, in 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social network users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

Illustration of how images increase the conversion rates

Why Are Images So Important?

You get where I’m going with this right?

Images have become the lifeblood of every living, breathing, texting, tweeting ceature– if you don’t share images you very well don’t exist for the world out there.

This abundance of images in our lives has led us to take the pixelated creatures for granted.

And though it might not matter what kind of image the girl down the street shares, for marketers choosing the right image for their campaigns is crucial. Because when you don’t give much thought to what kind of image you’re sharing with your blog post or inserting on your landing page, you inadvertently choke all the juicy conversions out of your marketing campaigns.

See case in point.

It is this kind of use of stock images that makes me cringe.

This is what prompted me to write this post, as a wake-up call of sorts for all you marketers out there who are unknowingly ruining their campaigns by not paying enough attention to their images.

What Are The Reasons That Increase Conversion Rate?

And what better way to convince you guys than by giving you 4 reasons why you should make your images the center of attention. Why the image shouldn’t be the last element you think about when you are creating your landing page.

However, before we begin with the reasons I would first like to showcase in front of you a little example of what happens when your images come as an afterthought to you.

When one uses images merely for ornamental reasons you tend to do more harm than benefit to your landing page or homepage or whatever it is that you are creating the image for. Take for example the T-Mobile site which is splattered with pictures of Catherine Zeta Jones.

Ms. Jones may be their spokes-celebrity and while her image does add lots of glamour to the page, what it doesn’t do is fulfill a purpose and help visitors with making buying decisions. One old T mobile shopper who was interested in buying a phone with larger buttons become so frustrated with all the celebrity images that she commented, “She’s a very pretty woman, I just wish I could see her buttons.”


Really craving relevant images now aren’t you? Well just wait till you read the 4 reasons.

Hook Your Visitors Emotionally

The art of selling hinges on how well you are able to generate positive emotions in your visitors for the thing that you are selling, how well you are able to create a buying rationale for them.

And while you can very easily create this logic of buying with lines of text, not every visitor of yours likes spending their precious time reading all that you’ve written for them.

A picture is worth a thousand words people, and when this picture is placed on your landing page it becomes worth a million. Your visitors spend an average of 8 seconds on your landing page, adding a picture that evokes an emotional response in your visitors helps you out.

Doesn’t the adorable dog urge you to watch the video?

One thing you need to remember, you can’t get visitors to feel anything emotionally if you are using cheesy stock photos on your landing pages, a case study showcased by Visual Website Optimizer showed that by replacing a stock image with that of an image of the company’s founder increased signups by 35%.

Build Trust

Testimonials help you establish trust with your customers, whether they are placed on your landing page or website, they benefit you and your company.

Testimonials help your potential customers see what your existing customers think about you and your service.

However, anonymous testimonials don’t tend to have the same effect on visitors. Adding human photos on your landing page helps increase your conversion rates the same is true if you add a human photo alongside your customer testimonial.

A testimonial with a photo helps your visitors see exactly who has something good to say about your product/service and so helps increase your credibility.

Double Up As Directional Cues

Directional cues like an arrow or a pathway help you as a marketer to basically take your visitor by the hand and guide them towards your CTA button, towards your conversion goal.

However, a directional cue such as a human’s line of sight, or a human pointing at your lead capture form has much more impact on your visitors. Farmers Insurance has the Growing Up Fisher star J.K. Simmons pointing at their lead capture form.

Help You Go Viral

Smart images like memes are fun, engaging and hilarious and so easily go viral and take your conversion rates with them, through the roof.

They help you get more likes and shares which helps with your visibility, so basically a win a win all the way.

HipChat used the “Y U No Guy” on a billboard advertisement in the SF Bay Area for just under $7, 000. The company reported that the responses from the billboard were overwhelmingly positive giving them a major spike in organic search traffic and new customers.

Images make or break your campaigns, they have the power to impress or to depress your visitors depending on how you decide to use them. Make your images count, use them wisely and you are sure to get loads of conversions.

Source: Fahad Muhammad

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