• Trisha Kietikul

    Trisha Kietikul

    Thinking a lot, writing a little

  • Bruno Bergher

    Bruno Bergher

    Writing about time, fatherhood, leadership and the making of software. VP Product and Design at Metabase.

  • jonathanvu


    One of the few SF natives still here. Really into trap music lately. I get my healthcare doing digital marketing. Let's go make magic!

  • oilpan


    i make websites for rockers with big hair.

  • Guilherme Maggieri

    Guilherme Maggieri

    Ux Designer at Isobar

  • Tsvetelina Obretenova

    Tsvetelina Obretenova

    User Experience Designer & Innovator | Hyper Island alumni

  • Topher Groenink

    Topher Groenink

  • Milap Bhojak

    Milap Bhojak

    Data, Design & Open source

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