Studio Profile: Hello Monday

Location: New York, Copenhagen, and Aarhus

As a design/partner manager for Google, I spend a lot of time expanding my network to better understand the nuanced offerings of both individual designers and agencies. While it would be noisy for me to profile them all, I‘d like to share some of my favorites in hopes that others may benefit from my perspective on what makes each of them unique… starting with Hello Monday.

Hello Monday is a digital agency that focuses on consumer-facing, highly conceptual experiences. Their meticulous execution of craft is best-in-class for such companies. Originally focused on traditional graphic design, they have evolved their capabilities to native web and mobile experiences, also expanding their offering of technical services along the way.

Hello Monday’s humble and human approach to business makes them a fun and easy group to work with. However, don’t let their cultural comforts fool you, they are extremely focused on getting the most out of their clients to guarantee a purpose in every pixel, and as a result they are intolerant of anything less than perfection. Fortunately they have a mild manner and a great sense of humor.

Working Profile

  • Resources are typically assigned in project teams, rather than ad-hoc.

Hello Monday could be a great partner if…

You need:

  • Highly conceptual visual and interaction design plus development for product, marketing, or brand communications.

You are:

  • A company that is looking to establish a world class brand and identity or evolve an existing brand to something more lasting.

Maybe look elsewhere if you need…

  • Heavy back-end development or consulting that requires rigorous user testing and research documentation.

Keep an eye on @hellomondaycom

Written by

Mike is a Design Manager in UX at Google where he focuses on fostering the design culture. Prior to Google, he was a co-founder of Cuban Council.

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