Tears for my Mom

This literally brought me to tears .. I miss my mom but I don’t call her too often ..why? Because everytime I hear her voice on the phone I can’t help but cry . I don’t have her photo in my wallet though I have it on my phone I don’t and Im trying not to look at it all the time , why? Because I am a cry baby. But I always miss her and I always pray for her health and safety. I do however call her on skype once in a while. If you’re not like me who cries all the time please try to keep in touch and call her whenever you have the chance and share your blessings with her .. That’s what I do I send my mom little bit of money whenever I can . We shouldn’t be embarrassed if they don’t get a job because they sacrificed their lives for us without asking without hesitation without ifs and buts. We should be proud we have mothers who dedicated their lives taking care of us .