The Invisible Hand of Capitalism and other Right Hooks

Karl’s text said he and Adam were down at The Equilibrium. They were drinking hard, and they got into a fight.

By the time I got there, Karl and Adam were saddled-up to the bar and drinking dark beer and single-malt whiskey respectively.

Out of breath, I ask, “What happened?”

Turning slightly in my direction, Karl said, “A couple of supply-siders came up to Smith and started talking shit.”

Looking across the bar I could see the knuckles on Smith’s right hand were bloodied.

Smith, clearly drunk and slurring his words started howling, “They said the Invisible Hand was the motive power of capitalism. I said it was the Division of Labor. I said, I’d show them an invisible hand…”

Head down in his glass Smith’s voice started trailing off as he grumbled and harrumphed unintelligibly.

I look over at Karl whose smiling broadly.

“What?” I ask.

“Then he dropped them with one punch each.”

“No shit?”

“Yep. And he started yelling and dancing over them, ‘That’s the invisible hand, bitch. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Go tell Milton Friedman.’”

“Then what happened?”

“They ran out of here. They said they were coming back with Friedman and Hayek, and the Chicago Boys.”

“And you guys are just going to sit here and wait for them?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

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