A Year of Transition

On its own, 2017 was a good year. But in the bigger picture, it was definitely a step back in comparison to the year that was 2016.

It’s like when you first start eating a cone of ice cream with a new flavor you never tried before. My 2016 was like that first bite.

I tried it, and it was amazing! New experiences, new people, new places that gave me a set of whole new emotions I never had in that combination. And so after that first bite, I go in for the second, thinking and hoping in the back of my mind that it can only be just as amazing, or better, than the first.

My 2017 was the second bite of that ice cream.

It was great, but easily not as special or memorable as the last one. In hindsight, I knew that it was not too reasonable to expect the same. But even so, there were definitely hallmarks that stood out to commemorate it by. Going to my second Coldplay concert live for the second year in a row, having the balls to approach a new person that I just met at the time, and revel in the marvelous new world that was ‘getting drunk wasted’ on my 21st birthday. Academically, things got harder. not because my courses were more difficult to complete, but because the level of interest I had in them from three years ago, is just not the same as they are now. My mentality has evolved from a ‘yeah this is the first thing that’s interest me academically so i guess I’ll pursue it’ to a ‘but what if there’s something else out there? What if my true passions lie elsewhere and I just haven’t found it yet?’

But in the same way in which 2017 did not live up to the hype of 2016, it has made me believe that 2017 is the lead-up to something a whole lot different and special in its own way.

For 2018, the first thing right off the bat that comes to mind is graduating from college. Obviously, my schedule will be very different (in what way?…that’s a good question I don’t know the answer to) once we reach May and the summertime. But even before then, my next and last semester won’t exactly be the same either. Rather than transitioning from the dorming-life to off-campus housing/commuting, I will be on the opposite train ride. And after this last semester, I no longer have to take any pre-med based college courses. This time, it actually feels like the courses I’m taking are the courses that more or less me from the present knows I want to take. And in less than a months time, I’ll be in Chicago for a week. Nothing like winter in the windy city I suppose. And last but definitely not least, as all my fellow soccer buds could vouch for, we got the 2018 World Cup in Russia (meaning I got a couple months to find another team, that’s not the U.S., to support).

And so, as I look to the new adventures that await in 2018, I write this as my own personal goodbye to 2017. It was a great year in its own right, but damn am I curious to know what 2018 has in store. I look forward to it, and am also prepared to work just as hard to make my own personal goals and missions come to fruition in due time.

Thank you, and goodbye 2017. Maybe 2018 is taking a bite of a whole new flavored ice cream cone. But only time will tell.