The Road So Far

What I’ve been up to in Boston

Since I’ve been back in Boston I’ve found so much inspiration in the things I saw and the people I met while I was traveling. One of the first things I did was sit down to write handwritten than you notes to those designers and illustrators who were particularly inspiring to me. I sent them off hoping that they would reach their final destinations even though I didn’t completely trust that I had written the addresses correctly. In the mean time I began to work on my final project for my typography class. I was to deign a 2-sided poster inspired by a typeface. The front was the conceptual side, displaying all the characteristics that made the typeface unique. The back was the informational side, it would display graphics and body text but still relate to the in its layout and design. Instead of picking from the recommended list of typefaces I membered that Daniel Mizieliński from Hipopotam studio had given us a typeface called Mr Robot while we were in Warsaw. Mr Robot is a chucky, display typeface that uses a semi-slab serif and it was the perfect choice for a graphic poster about type. I contacted Daniel and asked if I could talk to him about the typeface so I could do research for my poster and ended by Skyping for an hour! We didn’t just talk about Mr Robot but I shared with him some of thoughts about the trip and we ended up talking about all of the people I had met.

After a few weeks I started to get replies from some of the people I had sent thank you cards to. I was so excited that they had actually gotten there and made it into the hands of the people they were meant for. Their replies were so nice and so unexpected. It’s so unusual to get handwritten letters anymore that make a point to go out of my way to surprise people. One designer sent me back a short not applauded me for “cool and brave” I was, while I received another reply in the form of a long, detailed email. I have gone out of my way to make sure I remember and make use of as much as I can. The things I have learned and the people I have met will continue to an inspiration for me and my work.

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