Ming’s Portfolio Overview

Hi friends!

Glad that you have a chance to take a look at my portfolio. Here’s a quick overview for the projects I’ve done in the past. And please feel free to give me any feedbacks if you have any creative ideas or comments regarding to the projects. Thanks again for taking your time to review.

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UX Research and Design Projects

Project: Use Design to Explore Autistic Care, Privacy, and Surveillance

This individual project uses UX design to explore theoretical concepts of privacy and surveillance in healthcare industry, and hopes to provoke further research and discussions in such topic. I highlighted design features to give high adaptability of the app and communication support among autistic child, guardian, and therapist. Read more…

Project: Redesign Housing Application App

We created a mobile application prototype using contextual design methodologies, which allows students to look for off-campus housing and a suitable housemate/roommate at the same time. Our team had successfully incorporate features of apartment floor-plan and the intended renter’s information in the searching list, which received many positive comments during user interviews. Read more….

Project: Humor-Enacted Robotic Design in Team Conflict Mediation

This is a user research project focused on how different robotic features (gestures, facial expressions, and voices)and humor styles (control, aggressive, affiliative, and self-defeating) can effect people’s perception of the robot and their stress relief level in a team conflicting environment. As the lead researcher and project manager of the team, I contributed by shaping the scope, designing the experiment, and conducting data analysis. Read more….

Data Visualization Project(s)

Project: Data Visualization for Extinct and Endangered Language

This project is a static data visualization on webpage using D3JS. We presented endangered and extinct languages around the world and in the US in this project in hope to raise people’s awareness of the loss of precious cultural heritage. The report has published in the publication of Towards Data Science. Read more….

Human Factor Project(s)

Project: Electrophoresis Lab Ergonomic Recommendations

Sketchup Model for reconstructed electrophoresis room

This project provides a thorough recommendation for possible changes in the electrophoresis room to improve current working environment and adjust for future task changes. The recommendations are provided based on survey, observation, interview, posture and task analysis. Read More…

About Me:

I’m pursuing my master degree in Information Science at Cornell University and have a B.S. in Cognitive Science — Human Computer Interaction. 
I am fascinated by how people think, remember, and act, and I am driven to create user-centered designs that truly meet users’ needs. When I worked as a behavior therapist for autistic children, after observing my student’s learning habit, I helped him to improve his math skill by building a set of new arthritic tools, which helped to transform the abstract concepts into concrete examples and therefore easier for my student to grasp. I’m overwhelmed with happiness when he was rewarded for achieving a high score in math test, and double assured with my passion to work for people through different forms of technologies. 
In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, watching movies, sketching, and meeting new people to start random conversations in parks.

Last, but not the least, I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to work in UX Design or UX Research area. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn(myLinkedIn) or E-mail me at mc2637@cornell.edu. I’d be happy to share more information with you.

Have a nice day!

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