What Should Be Your Strategy for IIT JEE Preparation

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream for many students. In the past, many of the hopefuls waited almost 4–5 years to crack IIT JEE. Some even spent a few years in some other colleges, and then came to IIT without any tension all year loss. But, since 2006, IIT JEE has taken few steps to liquidate the real quality of repeaters.

In 2006, the joint entrance examination committee some changes in the eligibility rules for IIT JEE. These changes allow only those who have passed the qualifying exam does not exceed one year back. Simply we can say. It allows maximum two attempts for IIT JEE any student.

Students usually fail, who are not both lucky and wonderful at the same time, on the occasion of an impression on the first try of the IIT JEE. I’m pointing at the same time and luck shine both. So just shine cannot guarantee that you will be IITian in the first shot. There are a lot of complications. Like you have to cover the syllabus in time, you have to face the exam a few days the Council appeared IIT JEE, you have to quickly switch to the IIT JEE syllabus after the board exam. I do not say all of these needs timely manner. Many lose their edge in the last step of preparation, not due to the brilliance, but because too many of the complexities and the lack of proper guidance. By IIT JEE, and many lose their chance to get selected. Therefore, it needs luck with brilliance to pass the IIT JEE in the first shot.

Here I will discuss exactly how you should prepare if you have failed at the first appearance for IIT JEE. What should be the strategy? How it should be taught? When is the right time to speed? When you have to join the test series? When should you begin your review? Either they join any training or just home prepared enough? I will discuss each of these points here.

First and foremost, let’s decide whether you need to or not training. Note that it must be accompanied by any training once during your preparation. If you’ve taken any professional training up until the 12th, now, go home to prepare. If you were not in conjunction with training during the 11th or the 12th, it is the right time for you to do so. Do not forget. Training is very important to know more about the JEE. Especially those who are average, do well after training.

One thing I want to urge each and every one of you, if you think there is some opportunity for you to spend IIT JEE. However, the less chance of the first shot. Then, go for JEE training during the 11th and the 12 leave no professional help for post-board. Training gives you a lot more. But, it takes away your energy and also need a lot of mental and physical work. Students get lost in the psychological and physical pressure which is subject during training time. Also, it will become more mature for IIT JEE after taking the training, so, you could study in the right way in your final shot.

Now, if you have already taken the training during the 12TH or do not wish to join any training. this is for you.

After the exam your JEE gets more. Do not waste a lot of time to enjoy them. Re-start preparation after a gap of no more than 7 days.

When you start the setup, you should go first to analyze little. Try to find out the chapters that need to be improved and which are the best of your parts. Also, any book to follow? This year one of the preparation should be more focused on clarifying the concept by solving more and more of the problem. The problem should be resolved through the books that have the IIT JEE kind of problem. I would suggest going for books ARIHANT in physics and mathematics. Chemistry, ARIHANT books are not much good. Try SCHAUM series or others, such as O P Tondon or O P Agrawal for Physical Chemistry. Go for organic accurately to the Solomon Islands and Fryhle. It is the best book in organic chemistry for IIT JEE, when combined with the book is used to solve. For organic, use Ariana. Remember all the reaction type. Go to the problems. And more regularly to solve problems. The more we will improve in the organic or inorganic chemistry. Not to mention that these books are not only the best books on the market. But, yes, this is the most tested them too.

If you have some material from the upper Institute of IIT JEE. Refer them also while reading the concept of the books mentioned above. Try to resolve the many problems available. And you get more familiar with the problems, the more we will solve this problem in the JEE. Remember, IIT JEE does not check the speed. You will have enough time to solve the problems of securing a good rank in the JEE. You need to focus on practice more and more. You will be getting the desired speed all through practice.

Now, I’m going to tell you is very important trick you should use, and that will help you later in the review. While going through the problems, on the occasion of the problems that are unresolved, it is hard or difficult. Also, those resolved, but I wanted to see them again during the audit. On average, you’ll get a remarkable 10–15 questions in 100 will try. Use these questions when reviewing. This simple technology boost up your 2–3-fold special audit time. Usually, while the students get a review of confused where to start review. But, with this trick in use, you are actually planning to review without giving precious time. Remember, it to you that the problem of the celebration. The problem is not only difficult sign. Instead, the occasion of the problems in a way that can help you to reconsider in less time at a later date. Thus, after the dissolution of the seasons pass noticeable problems and see whether you can review these problems.

Usually, you must close the first phase of a detailed study, even from December to January.

In Phase 2, you should check and try to bring everything you’ve read in the last 7–8 months. It aims to drive around different topics you have read. Use significantly questions for this step. Solving these problems will only raise your level of each chapter. If you are unable to solve some of the problems, see the theory books. If time permits, go for GMP FIITJEE or files YG wonderful lessons. This phase must expire 20–25 days from the date of the exam before.

In between, almost in the November-December every Institute begins a series of test for JEE. Date of good series of tests. Sit regularly. But, do not spend some time to prepare for the test series. Not even the day before the date of the test. If you desperately want to read a little, giving -2hr 1HR last night before the exam date. This is to test the actual level, not virtual.

In the last stage, a solution to simulate tests in your home. These tests should be taken by you in the same time period as the exam IIT JEE. Like if the timetable for JEE paper is 1: 9:00 to 0:00 pm Page 2: 2:00 -5: 12:00. Sit for tests every day at 9:00 sharp. The use of a chair and a table to give the exams. Your body must adapt to the exam table. Between 12:00 to 2:00, the test result is to get the paper 1. Then, look through the solution for incorrect answers. Analysis of where you missed. Then, take your lunch. Finally, a little bit and relax, and at 14:00 sharp sit for the paper 2. After testing your check marks. Go through the questions incorrect solutions. Attempt to analyze where you failed. In part that you can record the most negative marks. If you need to update the concept a little bit as they go. Check it.

After the test session, and relax for an hour or so. Watch the T.V. Go to a friend’s house. Last sleep.

At night, go to the unresolved problems and updates the concept that you significantly. These are problems that are similar to the type of IIT JEE lot of problems. Many of these problems can be faced by you the first time. Trying to solve them using all the books available to you and materials. This is the last chance to increase your rank in the IIT JEE. More honestly did not move, more ranking will improve. This is one step that can give you gains in the order of about 10–15%. Believe me.

For a period of 15–20 days, taken regularly, these tests until the day of the last two of the exam. For the past two days, and usually it prefers to avoid reading anything. If you cannot, you do not go for a deep study and a new concept. Just a review of 2–3 times a day, each formula and tricks from the book collection are usually provided by the institutes (such as the Compendium of YG files).

This is a simple plan for one year for repeaters. Review it again if you want to use. This method cannot be used by fresher. It can also be used for participation in two stages by those also repeaters who have joined any training.

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