What does it take to “launch” your food product?

Best jerky marinade available on the planet

What you need to launch your specialty food product.

This is an abbreviated version. Still helpful. And real. Not going to spit bullshit into your eyes.


Whether it’s a kickstarter campaign, your savings, debt financing, borrowing from family or friends. You’ll need a hefty amount of money up front.


Think you have “just a little patience?” (Better listen to the GUNS N ROSES song a time or two) You’re going to need a lot. Launching a product is a big step, but it entitles you to zero.

Recipe math.

Your secret recipe measurements adjusted for commercial scale. You want to sell your product on a large scale, right? Then you need to adjust your measurements to meet production.

Nutritional analysis.

The numbers behind the calories, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, cholesterol. Plus the order of ingredients (Don’t worry, you won’t have to list all of your ingredients. Just the ones from highest amount of an ingredient to lowest amount). You can easily find someone to do this (google nutritional analysis provider).

Your recipe approved by the FDA.

“What do you mean I need my recipe approved? It’s my recipe.” Google it. This is the abbreviated version from my perspective.

“What’s a co packer?” I get asked these questions by customers and foodtrepreneurs constantly.

A co packer is somebody that has an FDA or USDA (or both) approved facility to make food products in. Your food product needs to be made in a co packers facility.

Don’t expect to make your specialty food in your kitchen and sell it in stores or on the internet. The FDA and USDA (there may be some exception to the rule) will say “Don’t you dare”.

So unless your kitchen is a commercial kitchen approved by the proper governing agency. Forget about selling your product. You’ll get raided by the food feds.

UPC Code (AKA Barcode)

Start with buyabarcode.com

Logo/Label/Website designs

Packaged deal usually. Don’t pay huge sums for these services. Reach out to a local college and see if a graphics/website design department can put you in touch with students looking to do a gig to get their name out there for little or no cost. If you know someone who’s a designer. Great. Just make sure you have a contract that works out the details in case you use someone else in the future. And there’s always fiverr.

I’ll stop the list here. There’s so much more I need to share. I’ll save it for another blog.

Google this list of information right now if you’re serious about launching your food product.

If not, close out your browser and go back to watching Game of Thrones. Bringing a product to life is the easy part…But your products death will be just like your favorite character on this show, quick and unexpected. That’s if you can’t even look up this information online. Stop while you’re still ahead.