Reasons Why NOT to Watch “13 Reasons Why”
Taylor Kurosad

While I agree with some of the points you made in your argument, I think the author of the novel and producers of the show had alternative motives and intentions. Yes, i think that suicide was undermines, however I think this was done on purpose to show how in real life many people show signs and people don’t realize. I don’t necessarily think it was because they didn’t care but more so because they did not catch on. I think this shows purpose was to demonstrate signs that may seem small and irrelevant. When I watched the show I was stunned that she committed suicide because I did not think what had happened to her was SO bad that she would want to end her life (but then again i don’t think it is ever justifiable for one to end their own life). However the show made me realize that sometimes peoples problems are much more serious than one may think. I think the show delivered a great anti-bullying message, implying that you should always be nice to people because you never know what they could be going through or experiencing. However, I do think that they should have focused more on her mental health, instead of only blaming those around her for her suicide.

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