Freud Fight

Where Junks Collide.

You’d think the sheer volume of junk I have here would turn my stomach into a nuclear warzone. Au contraire.

THIS is junk food heaven. No confusion about it. The sweet, the salty, chewy, crunchy, the hot and the cold — perfect combination!

My sis-in-law and I were actually looking for Freezerburn. One of my favourite food combinations has always been ice cream with fries… and coming across an Instagram post about Freezerburn put this food stand on our must try list.

Walking along the sidewalk — lo and behold what do we spy from afar but something called “Fowlbread”. Intriguing!

After a day of errands, sighting these 2 foodstands was sheer serendipity. We eagerly browsed their small menus… and walked away with:

Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream with Salted Fries.

Maple Bacon Chocolate Cone Ice Cream with Toasted Brioche, Caramel Popcorn and Cotton Candy.

Spicy, Double Patty Fried Chicken Topped with Fried Chicken Skin Burger and Garlic Parmesan Fries. Strawberry Basil Smoothie.

What did I say?? HEAVEN in 3 boxes.

Alright, the Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream is kinda weird… think.. ketchup and mayo but cold and creamy . Hm.

Although, I must say it goes strangely well with the salted fries. The fries were so yummily salty and crispy and hot! My final verdict though, I wouldn’t eat that ice cream on its own.

The Maple Bacon Chocolate Cone Ice Cream: sorry. Too busy eating to say anything. Just sound effects coming out. MMM.

The Toasted Brioche, Caramel Popcorn and Cotton Candy that went with it… not bad.. Although they are too sweet extras that food order honestly could have done without.


Paired with my ALL STAR JUNK FOOD WINNER : Spicy Double Patty Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken Skin Burger with Garlic Fries…

Well. Let’s just all say ahhhhhh.

Spicy. Hot. Fried Crispy. Tender chicken meat. Crrrunchy Chicken Skin. And they had some sort of pickled veggies in that burger. Perfect.

What a way to cap off our day of errands. The best response to food would be if you are still thinking of it weeks after you’ve had it. And yes, I keep recalling that Spicy Crispy Burger 2 weeks later!

No, this meal will never make the food pyramid. It’s not the greatest health choice (heh.). But — - all that spicy heat , creamy coldness, salty crunchiness have surely cleansed me body, mind and soul.

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