Trade with Nefertiti on Bittrex

This is a step-by-step guide, which explains how you will get started with the Nefertiti trading bot on your Windows machine. The Nefertiti trading bot is a simple, but efficient trading but, which automatically calculates the support levels, place buy and place sell orders of the coins of your choice.

Disclaimer: investing in crypto is high risk. Even though this bot follows a relatively safe strategy, you should never feed it money you cannot afford to loose. Use at your own risk.

Step 1 : Download your copy of Nefertiti

Go to for the article or download the bot directly at

Select the appropriate operating system to start download Nefertiti. In this guide we assume that you are running Windows on a 64-bit system.

Step 2 : Unzip

Once you’ve downloaded the bot, unzip it to the directory of your choice. The bot runs from the command line, so doesn’t really matter which directory you’ll unzip it.

Step 3 : Start the command prompt or PowerShell

Navigate to the folder, where you’ve unzipped Nefertiti to and start Powershell from there. You can do that by pressing the shift+right mouse button en select “Open PowerShell” from the context menu.

My context menu is in Dutch, but you probably understand what I mean ;)

Step 4 : Does it work?

Verify the bot is working by typing

cryptotrader.exe --about
When everyting is working fine, you will see the screen above

Step 5 : Start the sell instance

Allright, now start your sell listener by typing

cryptotrader.exe sell --exchange=Bittrex

You’ll be asked to enter your Bittrex API details.

Copy and paste your API key and API secret into the Powershell terminal

Enter your API key and API secret. You can find your Bittrex API keys at

The image above shows us the section of Bittrex, where you can generate your API key

If you don’t have one yet, you can generate one in the same section. Note that once you have generated an API key/secret pair. The secret will not be visible anymore, once you leave the page. So, make sure write it down or keep it safe in your password vault.

Step 6 : Configure Pushover

This step is optional

Next, you will be asked for your Pushover API details.

If you don’t want to get notifications on your mobile device, you can leave this and just press enter (twice). If you want to get notifications on your mobile phone.

a. Create an account on

b. Install the pushover app on your phone

c. Generate a Pushover Application key at

Just fill out the required field and press the button Create Application

d. Get your Pushover User key at

Copy the key pointed by the red circle and arrow

e. Paste your Pushover application key and user key as answer into your terminal

Copy and paste your Pushover Application key into the Powershell terminal

Nefertiti is now ready to sell. But you are not done yet. She now listens to filled buy orders and sell them at the buy price plus 4% (or another percentage, depending on your arguments in step 4)

Step 7 : Configure Nefertiti to place buy orders

Now you need to setup Nefertiti to place buy orders.

a. Open a new terminal in the directory of cryptotrader.exe, just like you did before

b. Let’s assume we want to trade BTC for OMG. Type the following command in your terminal

./cryptotrader.exe buy --exchange=Bittrex --market=BTC-OMG --agg=0.00003 --size=1 --repeat=1

c. You have now instructed Nefertiti to buy 1 ( — size) OMG ( — market) at Bittrex ( — exchange). It will automatically calculate the top-4 of support levels, aggregated by 0.00003 BTC ( — agg) and then place buy order on that levels. After every 1 hour ( — repeat) Nefertiti will cancel the buy orders, calculate the new support levels place new buy orders.

d. Once the press enter. You’ll again be asked for your Bittrex and Pushover keys. Follow the steps in 6. again.

Fill out the right keys, like you’ve done when you set up the sell instance of Nefertiti

Step 9 : Wait for the buy order to hit and get notified

Now you’re ready. Once any buy order will be hit, you’ll get notified by Pushover.