The Others: Being Disabled and Finding Hope
Brian Rivera

This is a complex issue and one I don’t wish (haha) to treat lightly. Basically to me this is a null argument. You may drink your beer out a wineglass with a straw but you have the mind and wit to do so.

But you interact, you affect people and effect change with your will. Your mind and brain and dare I say… your soul or spirit are very strong.

When I was in elementary school I befriended a boy who had CP. His name is Alex. He had a thing or two to teach me… his humor was out of bounds for a third grader but to him he was always like: go ahead do your worst.

We bonded over the Thriller album and jumped up and down on the therapeutic tramp his parents had for him to the beat of that wonderful song.

We sat together in the front row of class, because it was easier for him to get up and in line when needed and for me because I had a hard time seeing the board. No one knew that but Alex.

When I sneaked a left cheak fart he called me on it. When he spilled something in his lap that left an unmentionable spot on the front of his pants I stood up for him.

Any way this is mostly to say I may have glasses (and possible blindness) and you may need a wheelchair or other aids but wishing away what you have is not the right way. I choose to join Alex in his crazy jump rythym on that. Itty bitty trampoline. We had some fun together. I have not heard from him ever but I still hope he’s ok.

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