My biggest concern when writing is not sounding like a complete douchebag. At the same time, one of things that interests me most about writing is the individual voice of an author. The interest was peaked by a Showtime original series called “Californication”. What Hank Moody showed me was, there really is a way to make words sound beautiful (remember what I said about sounding like a douchebag?).

My point is, in trying to find a voice you have to experiment, and sometimes it simply sounds like you’re trying way too hard. If your attention gets hooked on this, it can become quite inhibiting.

Take the author for example, I set out to write a blog post at 11am this morning. So far, I’ve crossed the City of Vancouver to a small Japanese cafe which I found on Google. I spent $30.00 on two gigantic crepes and an americano. I then, crossed back into downtown and took a self administered tour through every floor in the Vancouver library. I got back onto the bus where I am sitting at this very moment.

It’s 3:30pm and I’m finally writing some god damn words. What’s more is that I’ve reached the bus stop nearest to my house and have chosen to continue riding out to Horseshoe Bay because I’m on a roll now and I plan to ride the wave onto another post..