What I’m Like Off My Psych Meds
Glenna Gill

Glenna, it is so wonderful that you have found medications that help to control your bipolar disorder. It is unfortunate and somewhat infuriating that some medications are so expensive, but great that you were able to decide it is worth the cost.

My father has bipolar disorder, and I had once been diagnosed at a young age but soon after was told it was a combination of depression and anxiety. I was on many different medications in high school and when I would come off them to switch to a new mixture my anxiety and panic attacks skyrocketed. I had no idea what brain zaps were until I was trying to explain them one day and my dad said he had them too. They are so strange and scary when you don’t understand what they are.

Medication can really be a lifesaver. Though my father says they do not work for his depression, I know for a fact that they have helped with his manic episodes and am so grateful for that.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think their is still stigma around mental health and medication, but talking about it really helps break that stigma.