Week beginning 9 October

It would be wonderful to be celebrating a draw against West Brom right now. It was the week I feared, but for different reasons. Sunday night somewhat set the tone for what followed.

Goals for the week

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I didn’t deviate too far from my goals for the week. I just didn’t do quite enough to actually accomplish them. I organised a set of meetings so that I could get closer to the training for housing repairs, but didn’t actually identify an opportunity to make it more efficient. I didn’t make any progress towards making our customer journey tools reusable. We almost have an agreed paper for the procurement committee, but I wasn’t able to resolve a couple of approvals before the end of the week. Zoe led a team to compile a Trello board capturing how to develop I Need Help. …


Matthew Cain

Customer services, Digital and Data @ Hackney. Obsessed by digital + policy. Ex policy wonk and failing entrepreneur. Distracted by sport. Personal views

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