Why And How Should You Invest In Gold And Silver

From time immemorial, the human race is crazy about this yellow metal, gold. It brings to the memory the film named “gold rush”, immortalized by the great Charlie Chaplin. The Chinese and the Indians are the top investors in gold and silver ornaments. But now they have also started investing in gold bars and biscuits. Investing in gold and silver has attained significance worldwide after the series of economic downturns.

Gold Vs Silver

There are different considerations while investing in gold and silver. Silver is lower in cost, volatile and can get you quick return on investment. Gold, on the other hand, is more expensive and hence needs careful considerations before purchasing. Gold is a stable investment and has a historically accepted notion of working against currency inflation. So it is not wise to rush into investing in these metals with equal strategy of investment. You have to give thorough considerations before investing in the precious metals playing a level headed game.

Let us delve into the why’s of gold and silver investment.

Why to invest in gold and silver?

• Gold is beyond destruction, dearth in supply and the last refuge in times of economic downturn, war and civil turmoil. When the currencies get devalued, inflation becomes skyrocketing, gold continue getting stronger.

• Gold and the silver can become the safe haven for a part of your wealth. This will act as your buffer in times of great uncertainties which are looming large in the world economic horizon.

• There is euphoria among the people to invest their money in stocks. But big investments are now panic driven shifting hither and thither frequently, creating shock waves in the stock markets. Investment in real estate property also has seen downturns. Welfare schemes, pensions are dwindling. This is the time when the gold rush starts.

• There are schemes in gold and silver equities. Investing in such schemes can grow your equity investment portfolio. Such precious metal equities are showing upwards trends to the tune of hundred folds.

• The Indian and Chinese are the bulk buyers of gold and silver. Off late they are having preferences in stock market. Once this trend gets reversed, for which there are good likely hood, then their rush to the bullion market would push the prices of the metals.

Modes of investment in gold and silver

There are two basic modes of investing in gold and silver; physical form and paper form.

In physical form the metals can be purchased as gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, gold biscuits, silver biscuits and as ornaments.

In paper form, you buy a future contract which is marketable in the market. You are allowed to invest in some given weight of silver or gold for some predetermined period of time. Once the time period is over it is possible to market the contract. In this way you can go for online gold investment. In paper form you do not have botheration of keeping the precious metals in safe custody. Buying and selling of paper gold and silver are also easy and quick. There is no issue of certifying the purity of the metals as in the case of buying physical forms of the metals.

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