Fire Burning.

Fires in California occur year round and intensify during the drier seasons. This year has presented itself as a year for the record books. The vast uncontrollable fire are due to a combination of environmental factors. It is a combination of intensive heat alongside record breaking droughts.

Another factor that also intensifies the firs are unusually strong fall winds, which were not climate related and cause small fires to grow and spread extremely quickly. The cloudy skies can be seen from over 400 miles away in Disneyland located in Anaheim California. Many experts are blaming these uncommon extreme weather patterns on climate change. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted is at an all time high. High carbon dioxide level affect the water cycle reducing precipitation and in turn increasing the temperature to record levels.

This combination leads to the easy and rapid formation of fires. Some of the methods used to combat these deadly fires include the use of air crafts and intensive monitoring with the help of groundbreaking technology and the addition of fire fighters. Special air crafts called air tankers are used to fly over fires to drop water alongside other chemicals like foam and ammonium phosphate. Many of these planes are controlled by computers and contain nu human on board to eliminate the possibility of a human fatality.

The death toll due to fires has increased to 40. Fire fighters have been fighting tirelessly to stop them they are also being helped by California inmates which has caused a controversial question. California inmates are being paid around 1 dollar an hour as they put their lives on the line to help save lives.

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