Are we the the agents of our own undoing?

We like to live in a fairyland, not being told what we are doing wrong, and what we should rather be doing. Aren’t we the agents of our own undoing?

When i thought of writing down this piece I was reminded of the tons of advice my parents drown me in everyday. No matter what i do, they always have a better idea and want me to improve. And occasionally, though it’s not been as long as my parents, i have found that it’s her who is the new Mother now. She has a view about everything. She wants the hair in place, the beard well kept, the shoes, clean and shining. She believes I have some sort of a dressing sense, without which it would be more troublesome for me. Thank God!

The point i would like to make is that though we might be irritated by someone’s constant attempt to improve us, we have to sit still and ponder upon it. I must admit that i was very bad at dealing with it, often it got under my skin and eventually i was bored by it. The only thing i knew then was that all the people around who criticised me were the agents of chaos, though that expression is too Batmanish. I always saw them as human beings who only tried to pull me down. So naive, or rather rude not to realise that criticism works like a spring-the more the force you put on it, the higher it would spring. This delusion kept me in darkness for long and i saw all around me as darker beings. Even in the household, i was not far away from criticism.

It was the first day of the year and i was out with my family for lunch, and i was criticised and ridiculed and made to look small. THE DIFFERENCE, though was that i didn’t try to shrug it off. I tried to take a deep breathe and inhale it all in.

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